MY (politically incorrect) Fat Loss Story

Eight short years ago, I was about sixty pounds overweight. I rationalized with myself DAILY about why it was “okay” for me to be the way I was. But one night, on our way to the pizza place for a few (or more) slices, I was walking accross the street with my 300+ pound Olympic lifter college roommate, and someone yelled at us – “Get out of the road, you fatties!”

That was a pivotal moment for me. I realized that I was lying to myself … that I was strong, and I had a lot of muscle … but that I was NOT “fit” in the pure sense of the word … and that I was NOT at a healthy body weight!

So at that moment in my life and the days and weeks that followed, I decided to take full responsibility for my condition. I realized that I was in the state I was in because of no one’s fault but my OWN. And that if I was going to change, I had to start my journey by looking within.

So I did. I ended up losing more than 60 pounds over the next six months. It was a long road and I had a lot of challenges along the way. And don’t get me wrong – I DID get the help of others with workout/nutrition advice and social support – but it all started with me SHREDDING my excuse list and GETTING IT DONE.

Here are a few excuses that may sound familiar to you:

  • I’m too busy to eat right/workout regularly/etc.
  • I have a naturally slow metabolism, so it’s too hard for me to lose fat.
  • The scale might read high, but I still FEEL healthy and physically fit.

I know that these excuses may have an element of truth to them. BUT – also know that there are COUNTLESS folks in your EXACT SITUATION who have done it successfully. And so can you.

I hope my story has made you think. It’s probably not politically correct. It may have even offended you a bit. But at the end of the day, deep down, you know it’s the TRUTH.

And remember – the first step to ANY big change is taking personal responsibility. So if you’re having challenges reaching your ultimate weight loss goals … if you’re accepting things how they are and know you shouldn’t be … write down your excuses. Get them all out on a piece of paper. Tear that piece of paper up. And get to work!!

Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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