Boot Camp Exercise Ideas

Forest and Lisa, instructors at the Sacramento, CA FVT boot camp show us three cool and unique boot camp exercise ideas (part two in the FVT Boot Camp Exercise Idea video series):

Video Recap

Today we’re going to demonstrate three boot camp exercises for you. These are going to be bodyweight based. These will be great if you are a boot camp instructor yourself or if you like this style of workout so you can follow along at home.

We’re going to start off with the side plank and knee tuck. This one is going to start off just like a side plank, the body is in a straight line, feet are stacked on top of each other, elbow is right underneath the shoulder. So it’s hips up, tuck the knee and the elbow at the top, and lower yourself back down.

Exercise number two is a squat thrust and power jack combo. So start with a squat thrust, land with a wide foot position. Then we’re going to do a power jack which is like a squat and jumping jack combination. Then we’re going right back down and doing another squat thrust.

Third exercise is a clock lunge. This is a combination of three different lunges. We’re going to start with a forward lunge, go to a side lunge, and then a backwards lunge all on the same leg. You can switch legs after each rep (one rep is the three lunge combo move) like Lisa is doing here or you can do all the reps on one leg and then switch legs and do all the reps for that leg.

That’s your three boot camp exercise ideas. Thanks for watching.

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