BOD POD Interview with Dr. Truong of (video)

I mentioned to you the other week that I got my body composition tested with a BOD POD device.

Well, I managed to set up a follow up interview with Dr. Truong – owner of the weight loss clinic in Sacramento, CA where I had the test done. In this short video interview, you’ll learn all about the BOD POD technology, and how you can go about setting up a test for yourself!

If you are trying to take your fitness to the next level, or are just the type of person who likes to test and track and know exactly where you’re at, you gotta check this one out.

First, watch the video. Then, read the recap below.

Video Recap


Hey guys, Forest Vance here…personal trainer, boot camp instructor and kettlebell trainer based out of Sacramento, CA.

I’m here today with Dr. Truong. Dr. Truong, thanks for being with us today.

DR TRUONG : Thank you for coming to our clinic!

FOREST : Yeah, this is awesome! So, we’re here and obviously you can see behind us is a BOD POD and Dr. Truong is going to tell us a little more about, tell us about this. What does it do and how can it help our people?

DR TRUONG : So the BOD POD is a new state of the art machine and it has become the gold standard for measuring body composition. It allows us to measure your lean body mass and what percent of body fat you have. It’s great for us to understand when we want to lose weight and it is also important for us for when we go to our trainer to know if we are really increasing lean body mass as well too.

FOREST : Okay, awesome! I got in here a couple weeks ago and got my body fat tested –

DR TRUONG : Yes you did, and he looks great!

FOREST : (laughs) …and it was really cool! I’ve been wanting to do it for a very long time and I know it is very accurate which is awesome.

Let me ask you this, what would be the benefit of doing this on an on-going basis?

DR TRUONG : That’s a great question. Let’s say you start off and you want to lose weight. You want to have a baseline, you want to know how much body fat and lean body mass you have. So you start yourself on a program and you want to know right from the beginning where you are at. So as you start losing weight you want to make sure you are losing body fat and not lean body mass. When you start a program that Forest will put you on he is going to help you trim down the amount of body fat stored and increase lean body mass as well as increasing your metabolism.

FOREST : Cool, cool. So what would be the next step – let’s say someone wants to come over and check it out and get their body fat tested..what would they do?

DR TRUONG – Give us a call, visit our website ( and our number is on there, and we’ll put you on our schedule. The main thing we want you to do is wear something tight like spandex or even wear a bathing suit. So it’s tight, it doesn’t trap air and we can get an exact measurement of your body composition.

FOREST : Okay, cool! That’s awesome, man. Thank you so much, Dr. Troung.

DR TRUONG : Let’s get you in here so we can see what it looks like inside! So Forest is 6’4’’, all muscle, and you can sort of see what it looks like inside. For someone that is tall and muscular as he is it fits perfectly. So we’ll close and you can see that it is fairly comfortable.

There you have it.

FOREST : Alright, that was very cool. Thanks a lot Dr. Truong, I really appreciate it. We’ll post up that stuff at the end of the video too here. So if you want to come down and check it out and get your body fat tested we’ll tell you exactly how to do that. Thanks again guys, and we’ll see you next time.

DR TRUONG : Take care.

Contact Dr. Truong via phone (916.760.7191) or email ([email protected]) to schedule your BodPod appointment today! And be sure to mention that Forest sent ‘ya 🙂

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