April/May 2013 Nutrition Challenge

For the last eight weeks or so, my wife has been eating completely vegan.

I am totally supportive. I think it’s a really great thing for her. She has LOTS more energy, has dropped several % of body fat, and believe it or not is actually improving performance in her workouts.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not going to go vegan myself anytime soon. And don’t worry, this month’s nutrition challenge isn’t going to be to cut meat out of your diet or anything like that. The main reason I bring the topic up is because I think we can take a lot away from the “whole foods plant based” approach.

See, describing my wife’s dietary approach as “vegan” doesn’t really do it justice. What she is doing is probably best described as a “whole foods plant based” diet. She eats a TON of vegetables and fruits, eats hardly anything that’s processed in any way, largely avoids sugar and salt, etc.

And for the record, I think THAT is the biggest reason she is feeling so great, shedding fat, etc. – not the fact that she has cut animal products out of her diet. But let’s just keep that between you and me 🙂

Anyway, this is the “inspiration” for this month’s nutrition challenge. And that is:

Rid your cabinets of boxed/highly processed/refined carbohydrate foods


Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. If something can stay good in a box for a year, it’s probably got some stuff you don’t want to eat in it!

Another good rule of thumb is that if your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize what you’re eating, you probably shouldn’t be putting it in your mouth.

Ok. That sums up today’s message. Try this simple nutrition challenge for one week, and I know you’ll be shocked at the results it brings you. Have a great holiday weekend, and talk soon –



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