January 2014 Challenge Workout Results

… and the results are in!!

Great work to everyone on last week’s FVT Band Challenge. Lots of new bands earned – you are getting stronger and fitter as a group every day.

Here’s the band challenge in again, explained in detail – just in case you missed it:

=> January 2014 FVT Challenge Workout

First, folks who maintained their GREY band statuses:

– SG – keep training those pull ups, you’re almost there!
– DT – black is YOURS next time around
– RA – way to go, staying fit and getting better every time
– BP – 1/3 rep away from black! you’ll smoke it in April
– RB – getting better every time
– JM – black band close within reach!
– MD – nice work
– SS – just a couple pull ups away from black

Props to GR, our one and only NEW grey band earner! Black is yours next time around.

And finally our three new BLACK band earners:

– RM – way to tough it out!
– JM – woo! finally crushed those burpees 😉
– SF – first pull up ever, yay!

Good times. And way to work it on the band challenge to everyone who participated – lots of other folks very close to qualifying for that grey band.

Be back next month with another FVT Challenge Workout. Thanks for reading, train hard, and talk soon –

– The FVT Team


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