Look Like a Sprinter (workout + video)

Got an article for you today on how to look like a sprinter from my friend Niall Traynor.

Niall is a competitive bodybuilder and martial artist (Hapkido, Judo). He is a boot camp owner/trainer as well, and his #1 specialty these days is helping women get great legs. One of the ways he does this is through sprint workouts.

As you probably know if you read my emails or blog regularly, sprinting is something I talk about and recommend on a regular basis. But I have never before broken down in detail 1) a specific warm up to get you ready for your sprinting sessions 2) an actual full short and effective sprinting routine. Niall does all of this for us today and more.

Whether you are a woman looking to get great legs or you are just looking to enjoy the benefits sprint training can provide, you are going to enjoy today’s article and video.

Enjoy and happy sprinting!

– Forest


Look Like a Sprinter
by Niall Traynor, author, How Do I Get Great Legs?

Have you ever watched the Olympics and wished you had a sprinter’s body? Lean, powerful, yet not bulky at all, sprinters have ideal physiques.

How do they look so good?

Well obviously they do a whole heck of sprinting, but they also do a whole series of exercises that only track & field athletes do to get fast and stay fast.

Why not take a page out of the sprinter’s playbook and do the very same drills that all sprinters use to build speed, flexibility, and power?

Best of all, they are very easy to do, yet deceptively intense … you will be sure to feel them the next day.

Build Speed & Power With Sprint Drills

The Workout

Do the each of the drills in the video over a distance of 20 metres.

Once you are done one exercise, simply turnaround and start the next one doing one after another with little to no rest. Once you’ve done one round of them all, take a 30 second break then repeat it for one more round:

• Skipping A’s
• Running Butt Kicks
• Quick Kicks
• Carioca’s
• Running A’s
• 1,2,3’s

Follow up the sprint drills with short sprints over 30 metres. Simply sprint 30 metres, walk back to your starting line, and repeat for a total of 6 sprints. Take a minute break then repeat another set of 6 x 30 metre sprints. Do this one more time and then you’re done.


A Great Warm-Up

Make a habit of doing 1 or 2 rounds of the sprint drills doing each over 20 metres as a warm up for your next kettlebell workout. The arm motions in the sprint drills really warm up the whole shoulder girdle, which is important for your swing, cleans, and snatches.

Your legs, hips, and core will be ready to go too after just one round of these killer exercises!


Take It Up A Notch

There is no doubt that if you make sprinter drills part of your workout routine you will up your game a whole ‘nother level. Train for speed, strength, and explosiveness and you will look the part in no time.
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