Muscle Meal in 60 Seconds (or less)

muscle meal

Man, this muscle meal brings back memories.

Back in my college days, it was a staple.

EASY to prepare, and it costs maybe two or three bucks for all the ingredients.

I still come back to this simple muscle meal frequently because it’s nutritious, affordable, and just SO easy to make:

Muscle Meal in 60 Seconds (or less)

(exact portions of each ingredient will depend on your specific calorie/food intake needs)

— tuna
— brown or white rice
— peas, corn, and/or carrots
— lite teriyaki sauce to taste

For the tuna, I prefer albacore, but you can go with whatever kind you like.

You can experiment with different types of rice – steamed, boiled, in microwavable cup or bag, etc.

The veggies also can be fresh, frozen, or canned – depending on your preference and how much time you want to spend putting the meal together.


So there you have your muscle meal in 60 seconds or less. It may not be a culinary delight – but it reasonable tasty, has your lean protein, your veggies, you carbohydrate … it uses simple ingredients, and it’s SUPER easy to prepare … what else do you need? 🙂

Enjoy –

Forest Vance, MS, FNC

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