February 2015 Challenge Workout

Brand NEW Challenge Workout for you this month. Check it out:

February 2015 FVT Challenge Workout

— 20 KB swings (24k for men, 16k for women)
— 10 recline rows
— 5 KB presses / side (16k for men, 8k for women)
— 15 box jumps to approx 16 in box
— 12 walking lunges per side
— 7 burpees
— 15 push ups
— 7 hanging knee raises
— 30 jumping jacks

Do four rounds as fast as possible.


— Use caution and good judgement when picking your weight for the swings and the presses. The weights are SUGGESTED, and a great goal to work towards … but you can certainly use a smaller weight if you are still working on your form or just getting started.

— The recline rows should be done in a totally horizontal-to-the-floor body position if possible

— Make sure to get all the way down and touch the ground on each burpee

Good luck! Results will be posted later this week.

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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