21 Day Summer Shape Up Meal Plan (free)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s message, after chatting with folks over the last week or so, the current interest is not quite at the level it needs be, to go forward and make the 21 Day Summer Shape program we were talking about possibly doing, happen … so we are going to put it on hold for now.

If you are looking to get going with your workouts and are potentially interested in getting our help, there is a still great opportunity for you to do it though – the FVT ‘Bells and Beers event is coming up next week, Wednesday, May 20th at 630pm … it’s a free kettlbell workout, AND you get to have a beer with us … what could be a better combo? 🙂

=> Details and register for ‘Bells and Beers here

Also, we WILL hold another Rapid Fat Loss Challenge at FVT coming in the fall for sure, so stay tuned for that.

Okay – on to the main point of today’s message 🙂

I wanted to hook you up with a FREE “21 Day Summer Shape Up Meal Plan” you could use – on your own – to get ready for summer!

This is the meal plan we used for the “FVT Performance Nutrition Challenge” we did at the beginning of the year, and folks who participated got some PHENOMENAL results … so read through this, print it out, PLAN out your next 21 days, and you’ll be dropping lbs and tightening that midsection before you know it!

=> “21 Day Summer Shape Up Meal Plan” – Diet Guide / Overview

=> “21 Day Summer Shape Up Meal Plan” – Meal Plan (sample day)


– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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