October 2015 Challenge Workout

6 27 kb workshop 1

It’s time again for the FVT Band Challenge!

Details below – and results to come later this week:


** Complete ALL the “tests” at the grey band level and earn a grey FVT band!

** Complete ALL the “tests” at the black band level and earn a black FVT band!

1 — KB swings – 16k for women, 24k for men

45 sec w perfect form, no break = grey band
90 sec w perfect form, no break = black band

2 — Push ups – knees for women, toes for men

Elbows and upper arm BREAK parallel, no exceptions … body stays in a totally straight line, no hip sag or “A frame” … no adjusting the knees, hands or feet during the test.

Body cannot touch the floor at the bottom of a rep; cannot lock out and rest at the top.

15 for grey
30 for black

3 — Pull ups

Any grip (pull up or chin up)

women – 15 sec hold over bar = grey, 1 rep = black
men – 1 rep = grey, 5 reps = black

4 — Burpees

NO push up at bottom

8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest

5 each round for grey – must maintain pace
7 each round for black – must maintain pace

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