June 2016 Challenge Workout

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If you are like most of our clients at FVT, your biggest fitness goals are:

— Losing fat
— Gaining lean muscle
— Feeling great!

THAT being said … incorporating some kind of measurable PERFORMANCE – based goal … like we do in our monthly Challenge workouts! … can make a HUGE difference in keeping you motivated and moving towards the goals listed above, almost as a nice “side effect” …

This way, ALL of our focus isn’t just on the scale or your latest body fat measurement … it’s also on how you have specifically improved your fitness level, in a way we can measure and score over time.

Check out the June 2016 Challenge Workout below – and stay tuned for scores posted later this week:


– Work off of 30 second time intervals, “beat the clock” – style
– Continue through the workout until no longer possible … the total # of rounds 100% completed is your score
– Regular push ups for men, knee push ups for women
– 24k kettlebell for men, 16k kettlebell for women

First round =

2 swings
2 push ups
1 squat
1 burpee

Second round =

4 swings
4 push ups
2 squats
2 burpees

Continue in this fashion until no longer possible, climbing the ladder … MAX score is:

20 swings
20 push ups
10 squats
10 burpees


Thanks –

– The FVT Team

3 thoughts on “June 2016 Challenge Workout

  1. i want to make sure I understand this right–so you have 30 seconds to complete each round and the time remaining of the 30 is ur rest? You say max score is 20 swings, 20 pushups, 10 squats, 10 burpees—–no human could do those 60 reps in 30 secs so im a little confused as to why thats there, makes me thinking i have this wrong

    1. Hey guys – it’s 30 seconds per exercise – so the full 10 rounds (if you made it that far) would take you 20 mins.

      Make sense?

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