28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Registration is LIVE!


Exciting news – registration for our upcoming 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is LIVE!

Official kick-off is Monday, September 12th at 6pm.

We’ll do a boot camp workout together as a group, as well as an intro / general overview of how the Challenge will work, and our starting weight and body fat measurements.

You’ll get a copy of the FVT 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plan and Workout Guide with your registration – we’ll give you a specific workout and meal plan to follow for the next 28 days.

No guessing anymore – just follow the plan as we outline it for you and look forward to 5, 10, even 15 or more pounds of weight loss over the next 28 days!

You’ll get access to a our private Facebook group where you’ll be able to interact with other folks here who are participating in the challenge, share things like healthy recipes, get your questions answered and more.

We’ll do our final weigh in / body fat measurements on Monday, October 10th at 6pm … and wrap things up with a special “Bells and Beers” event on Wednesday, October 12th at 6pm.

At the “Bells and Beers” event, we’ll announce the Challenge winners … get in a special kettlebell boot camp workout … and hang out afterwards at the studio to enjoy a beer with friends!

LAST – BUT MAYBE MOST IMPORTANTLY! – first, second, and third prize individual winners will get $300, $200, and $100 respectively.

Ready to sign up?


CURRENT FVT CLIENTS – as in, you are currently signed up for a training program and you are working out at the studio – sign up using the link below (registration fee goes towards admin costs and prize $$ pot):


NEW / IN-ACTIVE CLIENTS – as in, you’ve never worked out with us, or you’ve trained with us at some point in the past, but are not currently – fill out the application below, we’ll review to make sure we are a good fit and can help you reach your goals, and will get back to you ASAP:


Let’s do this!!

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

PS – Forgot to mention – there IS one catch 🙂

To make this the BEST possible experience for everyone … and to make sure that everyone gets the MOST attention during the Challenge, and the BEST possible results … we are limiting registration to 30 clients TOTAL, and 10 NEW clients only.

So if it’s something you’re serious about, let connect ASAP so we can make sure to get you a spot!

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