*IMPORTANT* – dates, detail changes – Sun’s Out Guns Out Challenge


We have some dates and detail changes for the upcoming Sun’s Out – Guns Out Challenge:

“Sun’s Out Guns Out” 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

Due to popular demand, we are going a format similar to what we have done in the past.

— 28 Day Challenge
— Goal is to lose as much body fat as humanly possible
— Meal plan, workout plan, social support to make it a success
— $$ prizes for our winners
— Options for both new and existing clients

Don’t worry though – we’ll still have a Sun’s Out Guns Out sleeveless shirt for our winners – and a ‘Bells, Beers, and BBQ event as your reward for making it to the end.

Hope this helps! The new kick-off date is March 27th to account for the changes. Details and register using the link below:

“Sun’s Out Guns Out” 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

We look forward to working with you!

– Forest and the FVT Team

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