[video] How to Win a Street Fight or Home Invasion

**Today’s content is a little different than what we normally talk about, but I think this info is SO important, that it’s critical to share.

One of the reasons that many people get into working out in the first place, is to better protect themselves and their family, should the need arise.

Imagine this –

You’re walking down the street and pass by a couple arguing.

The guy gets physical and starts shoving the girl around.

You decide you can’t let it slide so you simply try to inject some calmness and ask him to leave her alone.

This guy’s anger is now squarely focused on you …

OR …

You walk through the front door of your home and find someone in your house.

Now you are between him and his escape route.

Time to get honest … do you have the GO TO move that will end this and keep you alive?

I recently reviewed a program called First Strike that covers these topics (and many other situations of violence).

I thought the training was very well put together, so wanted to share a video for you to check out from Todd Lamb and and Ari Bolden, creators of the program.

In this video, they talk about how to survive a home invasion.

*Todd and Ari are pretty clear in the video that there is more than one way to skin a cat – but before you get all hopped up on your favorite martial art and respond back to this with your comments, Todd is in a position of authority and experience when it comes to this topic. He has 2 black belts in different diciplines, and also has personally participated in 350 high risk operations.

If you find this video useful and informative, I also want you to check out the First Strike course.

First Strike breaks down 17 simple combatives moves that you can use to defend you and yours in any violent encounter.

It has been proven time and again throughout history — in the most violent docksides, war fronts, gang enclaves and criminal hotbeds — effective and deadly fighting boils down to somewhere between 15 to 20 moves, depending on which system you look at.

And this is an extremely easy to learn – and VERY effective – system of devistating fight techniques:

=> First Strike

I know that today’s content was a little different than what we normally talk about, but I think this info is SO important, that it’s critical to share.

Hope it helped!

Keep training hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

PS – The language on the First Strike page is geared towards men, but the program is highly valuable for women as well!

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