FVT Pocket / Greenhaven Update – Open for Business!

FVT Pocket / Greenhaven Update – Open for Business!

It has been a sprint to the finish to get everything ready … but we made it!

We kicked things off with our first workouts yesterday at our new Pocket / Greenhaven location.

This was a TEAM effort, HUGE thank you to all who have helped with this adventure:

  • My wife Gina is the best. She helped with EVERYTHING from planning the design and layout of the space to getting in there and painting herself and everything in between.
  • Cielo, Jonathan, Chris, Leanne, Becky and Tyler – the FVT Team! Thanks to you guys for helping with various details of organizing and getting things together, and for the awesome job you do and will continue to do in helping our clients become fitter and better every day!
  • Our awesome and loyal clients for being so supportive and excited about our expansion through the process. We look forward to continuing to help you in the best way we possibly can, and to helping you achieve new goals in the future!
  • All the vendors we worked with throughout the process – from the flooring to hanging the mirrors to equipment and assembly to sinage and so much more – have been awesome, all has gone (mostly) smoothly – which is saying a LOT!
  • John Mayer – THANK YOU for building us an INCREDIBLE custom reception desk! It is amazing and truly will be a centerpiece for the space. And thank you also to Zeb Burge for your help with this project and getting other things set up at the space at the last minute too!
  • Mike Muljat – thank you for helping us put the deal together on the space and getting us in this great location in the first place. This is the next step in our quest to become kettlebell KINGS (and queens) of Sacramento!

This is our soft opening week, come over and check it out. Contact us HERE or call 916.273.9366 for more info and to start your 14 Day Test Drive today.

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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