5 Bodyweight – Only Holiday / Travel Workouts

Happy Holidays!

Wow it is a crazy time of year isn’t it?!?

If you are out of town at some point over the next couple of weeks, or off of your normal gym schedule for whatever other reason, here are 5 bodyweight – only, zero-eqipment workouts from Forest’s blog that you can do any time, any place!


1 – “Cardio Sprawl” – 12 min BW workout – http://bodyweightstrengthtraining.com/2017/09/23/cardio-sprawl-12-min-bw-workout/

This “Cardio Sprawl” workout will build a quality that old school boxing coaches called “wind” — that ability to fight like a pro without getting out of breath.

You’ll also burn a boatload of calories in the process 🙂


2 – Bodyweight – Only “Ladder Challenge” Workout – http://bodyweightstrengthtraining.com/2017/07/30/bodyweight-only-ladder-challenge-workout/

Simple but BRUTAL bodyweight – only “ladder Challenge”


3 – 8 Minute “No Gym? No Excuse!” Bodyweight Workout – http://bodyweightstrengthtraining.com/2017/07/18/8-minute-no-gym-no-excuse-bodyweight-workout/

No gym?

No excuse!

Blast fat, build lean muscle, and strengthen your core with this 8 exercise, bodyweight-only, zero-equipment-required workout you can do any time, any place.


4 – 15 Min Follow – Along Bodyweight Workout with Forest and Gina – http://bodyweightstrengthtraining.com/2017/05/28/vid-15-min-follow-along-bodyweight-workout-with-forest/

Try this 15 minute follow-along bodyweight workout, led by Forest and Gina – it’s as close as you can get to us being in your living room as your personal coaches! (without actually being there)


5 – Arnold’s “500 Rep” Bodyweight Workout Routine – http://bodyweightstrengthtraining.com/2017/03/03/arnolds-bodyweight-workout-routine/

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big proponent of bodyweight training.

He makes some great points in his book, “Education of a Bodybuilder”, about using your own bodyweight for resistance, and being able to get into great shape at home, with no need for expensive equipment.

Here is one of his original bodyweight – only workouts.


We hope that you have a very happy Holiday season.

And now you have no excuse to miss workouts! 🙂

– The FVT Team

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