Hill Sprints + Summer / Fall OCR Group

I am re-publishing an article for you today that I wrote about a year ago.

I currently do hill sprints every week as part of my training program. They have been HUGE in keeping me in top condition, and boosting my overall fitness and performance.

So since it’s hot outside and you’re wanting to look and feel your best … AND since our Summer / Fall OCR group is starting soon, and we’ll be using hill sprints as a big part of the program … I thought it would be great timing to share 🙂

– Forest


How to do Hill Sprints

Hill sprints are are very effective.

They are safer than standard sprints, they improve your running form, and they are amazing for burning a ton of fat in a short amount of time.

To start, go out and find a hill.

If you’re in a flat part of the world (like we are, in Sacramento), think creatively.

You can probably find a hill of some kind – for example, right next to my house is an overpass that goes over some railroad tracks that has a nice walkway and is perfect for hill sprints. Close to my home where I grew up in Southern California by the beach we had a walkway going from the beach up to the main road that was perfect for the same purpose.

Worst case senario, you can always use a treadmill set to an incline.

If you want to do this, find a way to get it done!

Now, set a goal for yourself in terms of time and distance.

Jim Wendler has talked about his goal of working up to the number of carries a running back would want in a football game – and I love this idea!

So you’re doing for a MINIMUM of 20, and working up from there.

Then, try to do a little better each time you go out.

Do this 2-3x per week (depending on your goals), and you’re going to see your conditioning and overall fitness shoot thru the roof.

Hill sprints – old school, simple, yet highly effective.

Consider incorporating them into your routine today!

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training


Sign up for Summer / Fall 2018 OCR Group at the link below (almost full):


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