Heads up: FVT Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is overrated.

Because people go crazy to get deals on high ticket items that won’t really improve their life in any way.

Here’s what’s better:

Saving money on training at FVT.

That’s right – we’ll have special deals on both our personal and training boot camp programs that we offer here at our studio locations in Sacramento, California … and will have more special deals on our ebooks, video courses, and training plans.

And unlike like spending money on a big screen TV, our training programs will give you things money can’t buy, like:

  • A stronger body
  • A stronger mind
  • Less body fat
  • Better movement
  • Less pain
  • More overall fitness
  • A better life!

I know you are going to be excited for the these special offers.

Keep an eye out, we’ll email out post details and open the sale on Thursday night.


-Forest and the FVT Team

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