meet Brett :)

Brett and I met in 2014 through a mutual friend.

A few months after we were first introduced, he reached out looking for some help to take his training to the next level.

In Brett’s words:

“I was trying to piece things together, I would do some cardio, some flexibility, some small group training. I didn’t have an overall strategy, in terms of getting stronger or building on things. So that was my big motivation to come here.”

So, we got things organized, and had Brett scheduled for a workout at the studio the next day!

Here’s how that went:

“I was tired. I almost didn’t finish! I remember the workout we did was really tough, and was a totally different training style than I was used to. But I do remember I felt good also, it wasn’t like I took a pounding, it was a healthy kind of tired.”

After a few months of doing our kettlebell boot camp a couple of times per week, Brett was ready to step it up. He started training doing extra personal training sessions once per week, and shortly afterwards, upped it to two times per week of PT work.

And now Brett has gained some SERIOUS strength, and totally changed his body.

He’s gained 8+ pounds of muscle and lost 12+ pounds of fat. He’s also added 40+ pounds to his bench press, 70+ pounds to his squat, and 100+ pounds to his deadlift.

Here are a few of his secrets:

1 – “Stay Consistent, pick a few class times that you can attend every week so you don’t find yourself at the end of the week without working out.”

2 – “As I’ve gained strength it’s helped take more and more pressure off my joints. I used to have tendonitis in my left knee, but all of the lower body strength work has helped eliminate that as muscles take the pounding instead.”

3 – “It’s helped me stay active. Including the workouts at FVT I’m doing physical activity 5 times per week.”

4 – “I’ve lost weight while gaining muscle too. That’s been a nice unexpected benefit as I always expected to gain weight along with muscle. But overall I lost almost 10 pounds which is also cool.”

5 – “Your nutrition advice has also been helpful. I’m eating better now than when I was a year or two ago. I would recommend everyone considering one of your fitness challenges at some point so that they too can take a look at what they’re really eating. I thought I had a handle on it but I really didn’t until I tracked it for a period of time.”

Congrats on your success Brett! You always show up ready to put in work. Your success is a testament to your consistency and positive attitude!

-Forest Vance

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