[video] FVT Reopening Walk-Thru


Thought I’d hop on and do a video today..

..we are so excited to be reopening this weekend!

This is a walk through of what it will be like when you come in for a session.

10 minute before each training session, we will open the door. This is to minimize the amount of time you’re congregating and chatting etc.

As you come in, you will 1) use hand sanitizer 2) go through a COVID-19 “self screen” checklist.

Then you will walk in the gym using the one entrance that we will have set up.

NOTE: signing up ahead of time is MANDATORY, because we are limiting the group size to 10.

During the workout, each person will have their own designated 250 sq foot space to work out in.

You will also be using your own equipment that you clean before and after the workout yourself, the entire time.

And that’s about it!

So much look forward to getting back in the mix and see you soon!

-Forest, owner, FVT Personal Training



CURRENT CLIENTS – we are live on the scheduling website, log in and book your workouts now.

NEW / RETURNING CLIENTS – we have very limited spots available to start, click this link to contact us and see if we can be of help => https://www.forestvancetraining.com/contact

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