FVT Summer Boot Camp Series – Last Call

Don’t miss out on the FVT Summer Boot Camp Series! Check it out here: –>> https://forestvance.lpages.co/summer-boot-camp-workout-series-2023/ We have a special series of seven workouts this summer at our FVT Sacramento. It’s part of our Saturday morning boot camp that starts at 9am. The first workout starts this Saturday, June 3rd and goes on every SaturdayContinue reading “FVT Summer Boot Camp Series – Last Call”

Kettlebell Murph – Memorial Day Workout

Every Memorial Day, we take a moment to remember the brave souls who’ve given their lives while serving in the US military. One unique way people mark this day is by doing a special workout known as the “Murph”. This workout became famous thanks to the CrossFit community, which often creates exercises to honor fallenContinue reading “Kettlebell Murph – Memorial Day Workout”

🤸 meet Cheri 💪

Join us in welcoming Cheri to the FVT Team! Check out her bio on the About Us page of our website here: -> https://www.forestvancetraining.com/about-us …then contact us at the link below to try our 3-session Jump Start and start training with Cheri today: -> https://www.forestvancetraining.com/contact Look forward to hearing from you! – – Forest and the FVTContinue reading “🤸 meet Cheri 💪”

BRO MEALS – Healthy Air-Fried Potatoes

*If you like this healthy air fried potatoes recipe, I will give you a copy of my BRO MEALS ebook FREE that’s got a bunch more – just sign up for our Saturday Boot Camp camp series: https://forestvance.lpages.co/summer-boot-camp-workout-series-2023/ email me the receipt to fvtcustomer service at gmail.com  – and we’ll send you the bonus. One of theContinue reading “BRO MEALS – Healthy Air-Fried Potatoes”

sample FVT Kettlebell Boot Camp workout

Are you ready for MAXIMUM calorie burn this summer?! Check out this sample FVT Kettlebell Boot Camp workout, then sign up for our upcoming Summer Boot Camp Workout series here –>> https://forestvance.lpages.co/summer-boot-camp-workout-series-2023/ EMOM = At the top of each minute you will complete the reps of the first exercise listed.RAT = With whatever time is leftContinue reading “sample FVT Kettlebell Boot Camp workout”

Summer Boot Camp Series @ FVT – Registration Open Now

We are running a special Boot Camp workout series this summer at FVT, starting Saturday, June 3rd, 2023! This program is running along side / in conjunction with our regularly scheduled 9am Saturday boot camps, so space is very limited. This special series will help you burn fat, get/stay lean, and put the final touchesContinue reading “Summer Boot Camp Series @ FVT – Registration Open Now”

Saturday Boot Camp Series Theme – Need Your Help!

We are putting together a special Summer Saturday Boot Camp Series, and we need your help with a theme! I’m asking for your help to let me know – what is your #1 fitness goal for the summer? — Weight Loss (Extreme KB Conditioning Boot Camp)— Getting a toned, defined midsection (KBs for Abs BootContinue reading “Saturday Boot Camp Series Theme – Need Your Help!”