3 Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

We are getting ready for our 14-day “Holiday Shred” challenge, I am so excited!

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Since we will be focusing on diet and meal planning as a big part of the program, I wanted to share a quick list of healthy foods you should AVOID.

Now I know this sounds counter-intuitive…

…but knowing what foods NOT to eat (I’m going to share a list of just 3 of them today, but there are many more!) is a huge part of reaching your goals.

Here are hat could actually be doing a lot more harm than good:

3 “Healthy” Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

1 – Sports drinks

These do have a place. If you are doing long (as in, over an hour) endurance-type workouts, they can be good to keep you fueled…

But for most people, doing shorter, higher-intensity-type workouts, they aren’t needed…

And typically, they are just made up of sugars, chemicals, and salt.

2 – Reduced fat peanut butter

Here’s another one a lot of people think is healthy.

But in reality, skimming on the fat will get you things like partially hydrogenated oils, added sugars, carbohydrates, and sodium. And real healthy fats are actually good for the body.

3 – Granola

Another one that seems like a “healthy snack”.

Not so true.

Many granolas contain way too much sugar and oils, and a TON of calories.


There you have just three healthy foods to avoid.

But there are a LOT more.

If you want to avoid eating the wrong foods that you might not even know are sabotaging your results, join our 14-day Holiday Shred Challenge here:

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And we look forward to working with you!

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