How to Lose Twice As Much Weight, Backed By Science

Today I wanted to talk to you about a study I recently came across (I’ll link it up at the bottom of this article if you want to check it out).

I came across this one putting together our upcoming “12 in 12” KB Transformation Challenge.

In the study, they had participants attend a weekly group session (just like we’re going to do in the 12 in 12) where they did things like encourage calorie restriction and moderate intensity physical activity so that they could lose weight.

Guess what one thing the participants did that lost twice as much weight as the rest of the participants who didn’t?

They kept a food log!

This is really not surprising. Keeping a food record is so critical because it can help you understand your eating habits, your patterns.. it gives us actual data we can look at and then help to improve if we’re not getting the results that we want.. and so much more.

Now in the KB 12 in 12, I’m not gonna force you to do anything, that’s not really how I roll 😉 I’m just gonna give you suggestions… they’re gonna help you get the best results… and the more the suggestions of mine that you take, the better results that you’re going to get! 🙂

The 12 in 12 Challenge officially starts tomorrow, January 4th, so if you want to sign up, you still have time, but you got to do it now. Here’s the the link for details and to officially register:


And to sum up, if you want to lose twice as much weight in the same amount of time, keep a food record. It’s backed by science!

-Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

PS – Another really interesting thing about this piece of research is that participants on average lost a substantial amount of weight, but they were not perfect!

On average:

— They attended 72% of the group sessions
— They reported 117 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week
— They kept an average of 3.7 daily food records per week
— They consumed 2.9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day on average

… and everybody still on average ending up losing around 15 pounds!

They DID however put in a solid, honest effort, and did their best.

If you can play full out and do that, I am going to help you get some tremendous results over the next 12 weeks. Details and sign up for the 12 in 12 Transformation Challenge at the link below:


PPS – Here’s a link to the research referenced in today’s article:

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