The Ugly Truth About Eating Nuts If You Want To Lose Weight

Nuts are often touted as being a healthy snack option, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

But the truth is, nuts are not as healthy as you might think. In fact, they can actually be quite harmful to your weight loss efforts!

You see, nuts are calorie-dense, and can easily lead to weight gain if you consume too many of them. For example – just two “handfuls” (2 oz total, 1 oz per handful) of almonds has 330 calories and 28 grams of fat.

Are these “healthy fats”? Yes! However, if our goal is weight loss, we need to get into a CALORIE DEFICIT first and foremost… and since nuts are very calorie dense food, it’s very easy to eat too many of them and sabotage your efforts. There are many other healthier snacks you can choose from that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

For example, better choices for snacks when trying to lose body fat include:

– Sliced raw veggies
– Sliced apples
– Popcorn with minimal seasoning
– Lower / no sugar Greek yogurt; add berries etc
– Hard boiled egg
– Home-made protein bars

Little things like this can make all the difference. Let us help you make more small tweaks to your diet so you can drop a size or more in 28 days! 

Stay tuned, registration for our Fall 28-day Drop a Size Challenge opens soon. 

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