5 best and 5 worst Halloween candies

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for kids and adults alike.

One of the best parts of Halloween is, of course, the candy!!

However, not all candy is created equal. Some types of candy are definitely better than others.

Here are the 5 best and 5 worst Halloween candies, according to my highly scientific and completely objective poll:

The best:

  1. Snickers
  2. Candy corn
  3. Reese’s Pieces
  4. Kit Kats
  5. Twizzlers

The worst:

  1. Jawbreakers
  2. Mary Janes
  3. Tootsie Rolls
  4. Smarties
  5. Wax lips

*This was not a highly scientific and completely objective poll. These are just the 5 best and 5 worst Halloween candies, according to me.

The ranking also has nothing to do with calorie counts or health. This is because part of a healthy relationship and an overall well-rounded fitness plan is enjoying things you like!

If you like candy, eat it!

Practice moderation, of course.

But three or four of your favorite pieces of candy will help you enjoy the holiday with family and friends, and then get back to the plan. If you look at the big picture, a few pieces of candy on one single day CAN fit into your overall plan of health and fitness.

Have a great day –

Forest and the FVT Team at ForestVanceTraining.com

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