Don’t Miss Out on Our Mindful Eating Workshop – In-Person or Via Zoom

Discover how to mend your relationship with food and experience true healing, joy, and liberation by joining the Mindful Eating Workshop on April 28th.

This two-hour event, will cover various mindful eating techniques, principles, and the science behind how it can help with weight management and overall health.

During the workshop, you’ll learn how to pay attention, be present, and develop non-judgmental awareness when it comes to eating. You’ll also discover practical tips for incorporating mindful eating into your daily life and identifying emotional triggers that can affect your eating behavior.

Whether you join in person from Kansas City or via Zoom with an internet connection, you’ll have the opportunity to set mindful eating goals, discuss strategies for staying on track, and receive feedback from the hosts. Plus, you’ll gain access to additional resources and support to help you maintain a healthy relationship with food.

To secure your spot, visit the FB event page, and click the “Tickets” button to sign up and pay. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event and start your journey towards mindful eating today. Click the link below to reserve your spot now:

***The link below will take you to the FB event page. Get more details and RSVP there; then click the “Tickets” button to sign up, pay, and officially reserve your spot:–>>

– Forest and the FVT Team

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