My #1 (lesser known) tip for faster fat loss:

If you’ve been enjoying yourself over the summer but have slipped a bit in terms of fitness, don’t worry. 

FVT Personal Training is here to help!

We have many resources available to get you back on track for the fall.

I’ll get to more specifics on those resources in a bit, but first, I want to share a little-known tip that can help speed up your progress: 

Incorporate more calorie-dense foods into your diet

Butter is a prime example of such food; just one tablespoon contains around 140 calories. While it may not be very filling, these types of foods can provide a significant increase in caloric intake.

Another unsuspected food with high calorie density is nuts. They contain healthy fats, but even just a couple handfuls can add up quickly. Without realizing it, you could consume 400-500 calories worth of nuts. This represents a significant portion of your daily calorie intake and can make it difficult for weight loss if repeatedly done.

Instead, if you’re currently focused on losing body fat, it’s important to prioritize foods that are LESS calorie dense. A great example would be vegetables, like spinach. Not only is spinach nutritious, but it’s also low in calories, allowing you to fill up without feeling deprived. Another option could be popcorn, as just one cup of air popped popcorn contains only 31 calories and can serve as a satisfying snack.

In conclusion, the key takeaway is that choosing less calorie-dense foods can be a helpful strategy for accelerating your fat loss journey. By incorporating this approach into your diet, you may find yourself making progress without even realizing it.

– Forest Vance



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