September 2010

Hey -You're in for this Saturday's free workout and Open House at the new Forest Vance Training, Inc. personal training studio, right?Remember, it's happening this Saturday, the 2nd of October. The workout starts at 10 am and will last about 30 minutes ... and we'll be open for another hour or so after that, so [...]

Whew! The dust is settling ... and group training sessions are rolling this week at the new studio. Here's a couple pics of the new Forest Vance Training, Inc. personal training and fitness boot camp facility in the Land Park area of Sacramento, CA:Again, current group personal training session times (with more coming soon) are:6 [...]

What's the real secret of weight loss success?At the end of the day, it's not the latest and greatest workout program.It's not the most cutting edge, perfectly tailored and personalized meal plan.It's not a finely tuned and individualized supplement regime, either. All of these things mean nothing if you don't take action. If you lack [...]

Two weeks ago, I announced the opening of my new personal training studio in the Land Park area of Sacramento ... check out the following post for more details: show my appreciation and to get the classes going strong right out of the gate, I decided to run a one-time super special for folks who [...]

September Challenge Workout Results

Great job this month to everyone! It was one of the toughest challenge workouts to date ... here are the results: SG 5SB 4AG 3+3KG 3+2EZ 3BG 3VC 3NT 3MB 3LE 3NG 2+4PT 2(Total number of rounds and exercises completed are listed)(Also, due to the holiday week, a few folks got off track and weren't [...]

Here's the September Challenge Workout:60 Body Weight Squats50 Kettlebell Swings40 Walking Lunges (total)30 Sit Ups20 Push UpsRepeat sequence five times as fast as possible for a total of 1000 reps. The time limit for this challenge is 30 minutes (times posted will be finishing time or number of rounds completed in 30 minutes).Good luck! You'll [...]