February 2014 Challenge Workout Results

Wow. This month’s challenge workout could very well have been the hardest one yet.

Here’s the workout again in case you missed it:

=> February 2014 FVT Challenge Workout


Also, I threw down this challenge at the beginning of the week:

If you hit “world class” level on this workout either:

1 – at the FVT Studio, witnessed and approved by a FVT trainer
2 – on your own, and send in video proof

I’ll send you a free FVT T Shirt of your choice.

NOW – please use good form. Be safe. I do not want to be seeing workout videos with horrible form. In fact, if you send me one and your form is sloppy, I will not even watch it.

Same goes at the studio. The workout must be done at the prescribed level with impeccable form throughout and witnessed AND approved by an FVT trainer.

And TWO of you hit it!  Great work to Sabrina and Paula!!  Also many folks were very close, so awesome work to EVERYONE who came in to the studio and went through the workout.  Give yourself a pat on the back for this one.


Here are the final results:


SF 451
MG 400
JM 390
MA 377
DT 375
SK 374
MT 366
GK 363
KG 356
RK 355
LA 342
LB 339
KM 337
BC 335
AM 330
MR 324
BR 321
FY 317
AS 298
AP 293
LK 292
NP 219

Women Modified

MG 380
CP 348
AL 348
AR 327
MT 309
KP 284
DK 270
PT 270
GS 261


RM 436
SS 413
JM 374
RB 359
PK 346
CBr 335
CBo 335
MP 335
BK 334
EZ 302
BD 286

Completed (no count)


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