Embrace Your Need to Feast

Almost all the holiday “diet” advice you get from a variety of mainstream sources goes against our natural human instincts.

That is, your desire to feast like a beast.

And that’s why those mainstream tips and tricks – like “drink more water” or “carry around a bag of celery” – rarely work. They sound good, but are nearly impossible to follow.

Intermittent Fasting is a strategy that fits the bill perfectly this time of year. It’s one of the big things we’ll be talking about on our Holiday Shred Challenge “virtual” Diet Workshop this Saturday the 25th, so that you can learn how to not only survive, but THRIVE this Holiday season, with your fitness intact.

So sign up for the 21 Day Holiday Shred Challenge (if you haven’t already) at the link below:


And I’ll see you there!

Have a great Holiday!

– Forest




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