March 2010 Challenge Workout

It’s once again time for our monthly challenge workout … here’s how it works:

If you’re involved in our group personal training program, you’ll have the chance to do March’s challenge workout this coming week. We’ll have three different versions of the workout for different fitness levels. I’ll post your time (if you wish) on the site and you can see how your fitness level is improving – and how you stack up. Additionally, if you want to give the workout a try on your own, feel free to post your time to the comments section. The challenge workout for March 2010:

‘Please Don’t Hurt Me’ Version (easiest)

25 Kettlebell Swings, 12k kettlebell
20 Split Squats, No Added Weight
15 Sit Ups, Feet Anchored, Hands At Sides
10 Knee Push Ups

Repeat Circuit 4x For Time

‘Turn It Up A Notch’ Version (harder)

25 Kettlebell Swings, 16k kettlebell
20 Lunges, No Added Weight
15 Sit Ups, Feet Anchored, Hands Crossed Over Chest
10 Modified Burpees (push ups done from knees)

Repeat Circuit 4x For Time

‘Bring The Pain’ Version (hardest)

25 Kettlebell Swings, 24k Kettlebell
20 Lunges, Add 2 15# Dumbbells
15 Sit Ups, Feet Anchored, Hands Behind Head
10 Regular Burpees

Repeat Circuit 4x For Time
And how to perform each exercise:

The Kettlebell Swing:

The Burpee:

The Sit Up (with Ab Mat):

The Lunge/ Split Squat:

That’s it! See you at the gym …

By the way, if this looks cool, if you’re ready for a little extra workout push, if you just want to get involved, contact us here or give us a call to get your free introductory session scheduled ASAP!!

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