Interview With Sacramento Chiropractor Sandy Bell

If you know me personally, you know that I’m all about spreading the word about great things – like products and services – that I’ve personally used and that have changed my life in a positive way.
I’ve been working with a local Sacramento Chiropractor – Dr. Sandy Bell – for the last month and have seen some flat-out amazing improvements.
As you may know, I played many years of football – including two at the NFL level – and my body took some serious abuse. I have chronic pain in my lower back, shoulder, and knee among other areas.
So when I first started working with Sandy, I let him know that he had his work cut out for him 🙂 But the improvements I’ve seen in pain reduction and restored function in just a month’s time are nothing short of amazing! The even cooler thing is that one month in, I know I’m just getting started.
The reason I share this with you is because I know a lot of you have similar issues. In fact, I rarely see a client that’s totally pain free.
I also know that some of you may be skeptical … and that’s perfectly understandable. There’s a lot of mis-information floating around out there. So I did a short video interview with Sandy last week – in it, he talks about exactly what Chiropractic is and how it might be able to help you:

I was also able to talk Sandy into doing a hand full of free assessments for you guys … he’ll see where you’re at and use a fancy spine-scanning machine on you (it’s an eye-opening experience to say the least). Sandy normally charges $75 bucks for these … but he’s going to open up his schedule this coming week for a few free ones just for folks that get referred over by me.

At the writing of this article, there are 7 spots left for next week … and I’m sure they’ll fill quick (I’m sending out an email to over 500 local folks in just a few minutes). So if you’re interested, jump on this offer … contact Sandy by:
1. Calling him at (916) 447-2200
2. Sending him a note by clicking here

And make sure to mention that I sent you over to get your free spine assessment.
Have a great weekend!

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