April 2011 Nutrition Challenge

Without question, one of the best ways to make fast progress towards your fat loss goals is to keep a diet journal. Using the method I’m going to outline in this months’ challenge, you’ll make guaranteed progress if you follow it to a ‘T’ …

April 2011 Nutrition Challenge

1. Start this month’s nutrition challenge by keeping a food long for three days.

2. The next step is to go through your food log and give yourself a grade.

You’ll go by the following standard:

‘Eat vegetables, lean protein, nuts and seeds, little starch, some fruit and no sugar.’

Let’s say, for example, you end up eating 12 meals over the course of three days’ time. (That would be three larger meals and one snack each day on average).

You if you ‘eat right’ and follow the guidelines outlined above for all but one of those 12 meals, you would get a 92%. That’s an ‘A’ – and enough to make some great progress.

Now conversely, let’s say you end up with an 8 out of 12. You’d get a 67% – a ‘D’ – which is not enough to make progress.

An ‘A’ grade is what you’re shooting for to make fast progress towards your goals. You can make okay, but slower progress with a ‘B’, and anything ‘C’ or less isn’t enough to get you where you want to go.

The idea with this month’s challenge is to get a holistic view of your eating habits. It’s to teach you to eat properly and sustainably in your efforts to reach your ultimate fitness goals. And it’s also one of the best methods I know to reach your fitness goals fast. So get started now and good luck!

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  1. Just signing up for your newsletter. I won the bid at the crocker riverside school spring quartet and well have to come soon, but have not yet made my plan to start! I will though!


    Sylvia Ikeda-Shirinzad

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