New Boot Camp @ 6am Friday Mornings; Your Help Needed + Free Gift

Two quick announcements today:

First, we’re adding a boot camp session at 6 AM Friday mornings at the Land Park location starting Friday, May 6th.

Lots of folks have been requesting an early morning Friday session … plus this opens up even more available boot camp session times … which is great if that’s been a factor holding you back from signing up.

Secondly, as a client and/or subscriber to my e-mail newsletter, I truly value your opinion … and I’d love to get some feedback from you –

As you know, what others say about you is worth 10 times more than what you say about yourself. I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking to find a new restaurant, sign up for new service, or purchase a product of any kind, more often than not I look at reviews online about what other people have to say …

Leaving Forest Vance Training a quick review on Yelp would be much appreciated. Even just a quick few sentences of feedback could be enough to help a prospective customer take a ‘leap of faith’ and request more info from us … just clicking the link below to go straight to our Yelp review page:

Plus, as a way of saying thank you in advance for leaving me a quick review, I have TWO special gifts for you: My ‘7 Day Quick Start Workout Guide (NOT the 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint – it’s a totally new and different workout) AND my ‘5 Minute Healthy Meal And Snack Ideas’ ebook – just click the link below to grab ’em both:

That’s it for today – have a great weekend and I’ll talk you soon!


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