How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet – 8 Tricks and Tips

Personally, I hate the word diet.

To me, it implies more of a short-term quick fix than a long-term healthy eating plan. And especially if your goal is weight loss, small changes in your dietary habits can easily add up to measurable results.

Here are 8 tricks and tips to help you lose weight without going on a diet:

1. Use nonfat or 1% instead of whole milk.

2. Use Stevia or cinnamon in your coffee instead of sugar.

3. Use 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg to make your breakfast omelets.

4. Save 100 calories by using mustard instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich.

5. You can cut 150-200 calories per drink if you substitute water or green tea for your usual soda.

6. Add flavor and cut calories by sauteing meat, chicken and vegetables in broth instead of butter.

7. Don’t fall victim to large portions in restaurants. Share the meal with a friend or eat half of your dinner and save the rest for lunch tomorrow.

8. Instead of mixing Coke or Seven-Up with your alcoholic drinks, choose tonic water or seltzer.

In summary, small changes you make to your daily routine can have a huge effect on your overall health. Incorporate some of the tips listed above to cut extra calories and accelerate your fat loss results today!

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