July 2011 Nutrition Challenge


No food from a bag or box for this month's challenge

Last month we finished up our six months of nutrition challenges with the Forest Vance Training Community Cookbook (for more details about that – and if you’re interested in ordering a copy – click here).

The monthly nutrition challenges were a hit – so we’re going to keep them going! The goal will be to focus on building the same foundation of good eating habits – we’ll just take some slightly different approaches and techniques to reach the same end goals.

This month’s challenge: no food from a bag or box

Pre-packaged and processed foods like chips, crackers, breakfast cereals, candy and the like should be removed from your diet. These foods contain preservatives and chemicals that are unlikely to be good for your body – and they also contain trans fats, excess sugars, and too many calories.

Bread, oatmeal, pasta, etc. should be whole grain and high fiber versions. The less ingredients the better.

Good luck with the challenge and have a great week!


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