Health, Longevity, A Balance of Strength, Flexiblity, + Endurance – Here’s How

It’s human nature to focus on what we’re good at.

I personally like bench pressing – because it’s a strong point of mine. It feels good to get under a heavy bar and move some weight.

You might be good at running long distances … or have strong abs … or be super flexible. Whatever you’re good at, left to your own devices, chances are you’ll do more of that in your workouts.

Problem is, what you’re good at is probably what you need the least of. Heavy benching is probably the last thing I need to be doing for my current fitness goals. And you too should be focusing on exercises and areas of your body that need work, not ones that are easy for you …

I know that the vast majority of folks I work with could use additional flexiblity and core work. And this is why yoga is the perfect compliment to the personal training and boot camp programs we offer.

Come and check out our new Wednesday night yoga class at the Land Park personal training studio; we’re currently offering a drop-in option, so you can come and try a class before you commit to signing up on an on-going basis. For more details and to reserve a spot in the next class, click the link below:

Sacramento – Land Park Yoga

Thanks, and talk to you soon –

– Forest Vance, owner, Forest Vance Training, Inc.

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