KB Exercise Tips + Mods For Beginners (video)

Curious about kettlebell training? Wondering if it’s right for your current goals and/or fitness level? Check out this article and video I posted on my Kettlebell Basics blog a short time ago – it covers some simple kettlebell exercise tips and modifications for kettlebell beginners.

– Forest


I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from folks that are just getting started with kettlebell training …

And I’m realizing that a lot of the kettlebell routines I’ve put up over the last couple of months are geared towards intermediate or even advanced kettlebell enthusiasts.

So I thought I’d shoot a quick video to show you a couple of modifications I use every day with my training clients who are beginners, are still learning and perfecting their form, are dealing with an injury, etc. You can use these mods with many more ‘advanced’ kettlebell workouts to get more out of them (or even be able to attempt them in the first place).

The two modifications I cover in the video are for the two ‘base’ HardStyle kettlebell moves, the swing and the Turkish get up. I hope the video helps you out, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below the post:

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