February 2012 Challenge Workout

All of us have times we’re more motivated than others with our fitness program. And also it’s true that this can be a particularly tough time of year … the new-ness of fitness-related resolutions has all but worn off and we’re back into our daily routines …

So what better way to blast out of those “post-New Year’s fitness resolution blues” than the February 2012 Challenge Workout?! Here it is:

February 2012 Challenge Workout

  • power jacks
  • push ups
  • reverse lunges
  • knee-to-elbow mountain climbers
  • KB swings

Do 20 reps of each exercise. Perform the workout circuit-style, moving from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible. Do five rounds of the circuit for time.

Good luck to you! Results will be posted at the end of the week.

– Forest

PS – If you’re not currently a client at our training studio, are following along at home, etc., check this out – it’s a complete 30 day ‘rapid fat loss’ program based around the concepts in this article: The 2012 Challenge Workout Special

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