Win Free Nutrition Coaching From Forest Vance, FNC

Dear frustrated Sacramento, CA dieter –

Forest Vance here – personal trainer, gym owner, blogger, and NESTA certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.

Today’s message is quick and to-the-point:

I’m getting ready to accept clients into my new nutrition coaching program – and you have the opportunity to win a free spot

(Whether you’re just getting started with your fat loss program – or you’re working out consistently, but frustrated with your lack of results – know this: It’s your diet that will, without a doubt, make or break your fat loss efforts.)

Here’s the deal: before I officially open the program up for registration, I want to make sure the ‘kinks’ are ironed out. So I’m holding a contest and giving away two free spots in the program – starting now!

Here’s what the program includes:

1. Telephone Pre-Screen – We’ll make contact before our first session to discuss your goals and explain the coaching process in detail.

2. Coaching Session #1 (30 mins.), includes –

  • Starting measurements – we’ll take your weight and body fat % so we can accurately and objectively track your progress
  • Dietary/food log assessment – you’ll come away with a specific strategy for fat loss success!
  • Nutrition education and goal setting – we’ll cover the basics of eating for fat loss, how to construct the perfect fat loss meal, meal prep strategies and much more
  • Sample meal plans/recipes – I’ll show you several examples of what a day of ‘ideal eating’ looks like, as well as provide you with recipes and further resources to faciliate your success

3. Coaching Session #2 (30 mins.), includes –

  • Weight and body fat assessment – we’ll measure your progress and tweak accordingly
  • Dietary follow-up – review of what’s working and what’s not, tweaking/coaching of dietary practices for best results
  • Education and goal setting – more fat loss success tips, tricks, and more

The tentative price for the program is $99 – but you can get in for free!

To win a free spot, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post with:

  • Your #1 fitness goal
  • Your #1 dietary obstacle/frustration/etc. that’s keeping you from reaching it

You have through Sunday, March 18th to enter to win your spot in my new nutrition coaching program. We’ll review the best entries on Monday the 19th and announce the winners!

Leave a comment below to get entered to win:

53 thoughts on “Win Free Nutrition Coaching From Forest Vance, FNC

  1. #1 Goal: Consistent health in fitness and nutrition
    #2 Obstacle: Lack of sleep, stress, lack of time to prepare food

    1. Thanks Marni –

      Yep – taking/finding time to prepare food is a tough one. This is great info though for figuring out what to cover in the program!


  2. Your #1 fitness goal – To be slimmer in the waist area

    Your #1 dietary obstacle/frustration/etc. thatโ€™s keeping you from reaching it – Portion control and eating out

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michelle! I understand – eating out and controlling portions can be tough!


  3. Number one fitness goal: I’m 62 years old, looking to get in touch with physical fitness, I always had sharp body now I’m getting lazy. I’d like to try kettle ball. Also a new nutrition menu. And be around healthy people. I’m 5.5 ft tall weigh 167. Not good! I need help. I went from working in a hotel, lifting ,standing walking . Now I’m a sub contractor and work from my car. Total weight gain. Can u help me out? Thanks, Patricia

    1. Thanks for entering the contest Patricia! Would be great to help you out – we’ll keep you posted ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Your #1 fitness goal – Lose weight, tone, and maintain and healthy lifestyle going forward
    Your #1 dietary obstacle/frustration/etc. thatโ€™s keeping you from reaching it – DISCIPLINE

    1. Thanks for the entry Fran. Yes, staying disciplined with your eating can be tough! But I’m hoping this program will be a big help with this –


    1. I feel you man ๐Ÿ™‚ And St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner!

      Thanks for entering the the contest –


  5. #1 goal – to be leaner, stronger, and get rid of excess tummy bloat. I want to run 2 marathons this year and I know the right diet will help in my training
    #2 obstacle – satisfying the whole family at meal time, knowing the right/wrong foods to eat

    1. Your’re right Susan – proper nutrition will have a huge impact on peak performance for those marathons!



  6. Goal: sustainable weight/fat loss over long term.
    Challenges: LOTS! frequent eating out in restaurants and/or at friends’ houses. Laziness/lack of prep leads to eating out at lunchtime as well as dinner. Dislike for boring, repetitive meals and bland food in general leads to quick burnout on diet plans. Stress. Being hungry a lot. Desire/feeling of deserving sweets and/or cocktails after a stressful day.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Nikki! These are all common problems … I hope I can help you solve them!


  7. 1. My goal is to be healthy, lose weight and maintain that weight!!! I need to maintain my goal weight when I get there….no more yo yo weight gain!

    2. My obstacle is loving cheese and bread and being stressed out all the time and not really understanding portion sizes. And preparing meals for my family without depriving them of cheese and bread….I have a lot of obstacles. ๐Ÿ™

  8. โ– Your #1 fitness goal:
    1. Lose fat/weight, tone
    2. Be CONSISTENT in eating right (almost all the time) and working out, especially cardio, weekly.

    โ– Your #1 dietary obstacle/frustration/etc. thatโ€™s keeping you from reaching it:

    1. Highly stressful job/emotionally draining job- getting home late in the evenings often and am exhausted, so I just eat everything around me and don’t have the energy to work out. (Not a morning person, so working out in the mornings aren’t so great. Note, my lack of energy Sat morning classes! haha)
    2. Regarding food- Portion control and I especially struggle with night time eating and have big weak spots for carbs (Any kind of potato) and sweets. bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. #1 Goal: Control portion size and the way I eat.
    #2 Dietary Obstacle: I love to cook and snack/drink wine while cooking. I could do that all day!

    1. Thanks Linda. I totally understand … and agree with you that controlling that portion size can be tough!


  10. #1 fitness goal is to achieve the correct proportions of fat and muscle for my body type. The fat is currently winning that battle…

    #2 Greatest obstacle is my deep love of wine, which undermines my otherwise very healthy diet

  11. #1 Goal: lose wieght and then maintain the loss
    #2 Obstacle: very stressful job drives a motivation to ‘reward’ myself with treats like wine, cheese, and eating out. I have difficulty maintaining losses because I slip back into old bad habits of snacking and no portion control.

  12. 1. My Number One Goal: To lose fat and weight through nutrition.

    2. My Number One Obstacle: Because of tendonitis, I have now been unable to run for two months, which was my primary form of cardio. Running is what helped me lose a lot of fat and see results when I initially became serious about weight loss. In addition, running allowed me to maintain my weight when I reached my goal. I have gained more weight, along with an increased body fat percentage since I became injured and am now faced with the obstacle of fighting off this plateau with very little cardio. At this point I can only do light biking every other day for 20 minutes. I have been giving it my all in boot camp and personal training, but there’s only so much that strength training can do in the fat loss equation. Working in two gyms, I have obtained the general knowledge of what is healthy and what isn’t, but I am now at the point where I need help zoning in and combing through my diet to alter things that can help me see results.

    Thank you Forest ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Great feedback Alexa, thank you very much. I sincerely hope I to be of help in reaching your ultimate fat loss goals!


  13. 1. Goal – to get back in shape after having my baby.
    2. Obstacle – lack of time and sleep make it hard for me to plan meals, which leads to eating out and snacking.

    1. And it’s been hard for me to find a diet that caters to the nutritional needs of a nursing mom!

    2. Thanks Kendra!

      You’re right – there are some special considerations for a nursing mom. Good to know and take into account as you’re trying to get back in shape.


  14. Hi Forest,

    My goal and obstacle are the same, but with a twist,

    Goal: Me, healthy!

    Obstacle: Me, unhealthy!

  15. 1 get stronger/more toned/lose some inches

    2 nighttime eating… I do well all day and then ‘after dinner’ happens…

  16. #1 fitness goal: Finish Vineman Ironman Triathlon in under 12 hours in July.
    #1 dietary obstacle: establishing a healthy balanced food plan for me and my family (Wife, 3 year old and 6 month old). Foods that keep me in peak shape and that taste good for the family without having to cook separate meals.

  17. Goal 1 continue to lose and maintain weight goals
    Frustration: Getting near desired weight and then sliding back.

  18. My number one fitness goal is to become a personal trainer someday. I have a long way to go to reach that goal, but it’s always on my mind.

    Since I can’t afford a gym or a trainer (or even new tennis shoes) right now, finance is my biggest obstacle. I wish I had someone who knew what they were really doing guiding me in person, but if all I have is me, then that is what I will continue to work with.

  19. Goal: To become slimmer/leaner through a clean diet and increase muscle tone through strength training

    Obstacle: While I do buy healthy foods from the grocery store, I have a hard time turning down not-so-healthy options that are presented to me at school and other places. Also, the healthy foods I DO consume, I tend to overeat. I’m not much in the self-control department, often times.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Good feedback … it’s true, eating clean on an on-going and consistent basis is the #1 thing that’ll help you hit your fitness goals!


  20. #1 goal – get back to or below my “French wedding” weight and keep it off long term
    #1 obstacle – rotator cuff surgery and travel schedule – and need a kick in the behind to start food logging!

  21. goal#1- to educate my two teenage boys and husband Scott on healthy eating and to lose about 70 lbs in the next year, lowering blood sugar as well. Plus I have two teen boys who play football and rugby, need to teach them how to eat during season and off.

    goal#2 – obstacle, old habits die hard, weekends and that evening glass of wine to relax after a long day. Have started heading the gym near our house 5xs a week but the food is getting me & us.

  22. Goal : To change my decades of bad habits into positive habits that benefit my life (health, emotions, longevity and productivity).
    Obstacle: Grabbing the closest food item(s) (even if very unhealthy) instead of taking the time to think through the moment and choose more raw and nutritious food items. Also, remembering that I come first! Stress can take a backseat when my health and weight are in jeopardy. Jeanne

    1. Hey Jeanne –

      Thanks for the entry. These are some great goals – I totally agree that planning ahead and thinking through your food choices is a critical element of success.


  23. #1 Goal: To lose 4-6 inches off my waist

    #1 Obstacle: I have great eating habits on my busy days but the weekends kill me. It is hard to be consistent these days!

  24. #1 Fitness Goal is weight loss/inches/pant sizes
    #2 Obstacle is lack of self control, no desire to cook, family enviornment, binging before I “start” a new diet but the diet never starts

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