Your Rapid Fat Loss Checklist

Eric Z lost 17 lbs. in 30 days!

Our recent 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge was a huge success … the average challenger ended up losing:

  • 6.5 pounds
  • 5.2 total inches
  • 2.3% body fat

In just 30 days!!

Eric Z (pictured above) was our individual winner. He lost a total of 17 Pounds, 3.2% Body Fat and 7.5 Inches! Our second and third place winners on the individual side both lost over 10 lbs. as well …

So … I thought you might like to know … exactly what did these folks did to lose fat so quickly? Well, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked personally with almost all of the challengers … I took careful notes … ‘reverse engineered’ their best practices … and put together a rapid fat loss checklist!

These checklist items might seem simple – and they are – but odds are if you’re not losing one to two pounds of body fat consistently each and every week, you’re not doing them! So, without further ado, your rapid fat loss checklist:

Rapid loss checklist – your five keys to success

1. Exercise most, if not all days of the week

Working out more frequently = more total calories expended = faster fat loss. Mind boggling 🙂

Folks who lost the most fat during the challenge exercised five to seven days per week.

2. Follow a goal-specific, properly designed workout plan

Getting some exercise is almost always better than none. HOWEVER, a goal-specific, properly designed workout program can get you FAR better results than the “just-showing-up-and-doing-what-you-feel-like-for-the-day” approach (I’ll give you more exact details about the program we used for the Challenge shortly).

3. Consume fewer calories than you expend

We provided a meal plan for the 30 Day Challenge … following it to a “T”, got folks into a roughly 1000 calorie deficit per day … and those that were consistent with the plan, lost weight fast!

Taking in less calories than you expend is the most important part of the fat loss equation – end of story. To know exactly what your caloric needs are, though, you need to make sure that you …

4. Log your food

It might be a pain … it might be time consuming … you might just not want to do it … but it works. In a recent study by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, participants who kept food journals lost almost double the weight of their nonjournaling counterparts!

Also, if you’re consistently logging your food, you’ll know without a doubt what’s working and what’s not … which allows you to test and tweak as needed to reach your final fat loss goals.

5. Be consistent

If you’re consistent with getting exercise every day … if you’re consistent with following a well-designed workout plan … if you’re consistent with eating less calories than you expend and logging your food … you’re going to see fat loss results! Again, mind-boggling I know :), but oh-so-true.

Here’s the thing – most people never get more than a week or two of consistent compliance with a workout and diet plan. What I’ve discussed in this article may seem basic – but it’s the basic stuff that’s effective. If you’re not losing one to two pounds of fat every week, implement the five factors discussed in this article – starting now – and you will get the fat loss results you’re looking for.

’till next time –


PS – Want to see the exact meal plan and workout we used in the Rapid Fat Loss Challenge? Click here

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