Make Monday FUN Day (new boot camp)

Starting next week, Monday is FUNday!

Starting June 4th, we’ll be offering a new boot camp class each week on Mondays at 5pm.

BUT … this won’t just be any old boot camp class. Monday FUNday boot camps will be extra special because we’ll have a special focus for each one.

For example, on the tentative schedule so far, we have a kettlebell cardio class, a body weight fat loss circuits class, and a resistance band boot camp class.

Monday FUNday boot camps are an exciting new way to get fit that you won’t want to miss – but space is limited, so be sure to act quick if you’d like to reserve a spot. Call 916.273.9366 or contact us by clicking here to sign up today!

See you Monday, June 4th at 5 pm –


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