Kettlebell/Body Weight Interval Workout

Over this past weekend, I was writing up some kettlebell conditioning workouts for a new program I have in the works. I’m a big believer in actually doing the workouts I put folks through myself first 🙂 – and I was due for a cardio/conditioning session – so I ran through one of ’em.

It was a 30 minute, high intensity, single kettlebell/body weight workout. I even surprised myself with this one – I was smoked! And the timed set break down during the session provided a unique challenge.

Next step was to work it into the rotation at the FVT boot camp … we actually did the workout at the early morning class today, and all the campers loved it too. So I thought I’d break it down for you here to try at home. Please enjoy –

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Kettlebell/Body Weight Conditioning Workout

Set your timer to go off every 60 seconds. Start each exercise on every 60 second interval; your rest period is the time between completion of your set and the next 60 second interval. Repeat entire exercise sequence three times.

  • plank – :40 hold
  • TGU – 1 each side
  • one hand swing – 10 each side
  • push up – 15
  • squat – 20
  • wall slide – 10
  • lunge – 10
  • kb press – 8 each side
  • kb row – 8 each side
  • burpee – 10

Enjoy this kettlebell and body weight interval workout and talk soon –


PS – If you’re looking for more instruction on how to do any of the exercises in this workout, head over to my kettlebell basics blog and do a quick search by clicking here: Kettlebell Routines, Exercises, Videos & More

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