Mud Run Training – 7 Tips

Mud Run Training


Arctic Enema. Fire Walker. Boa Constrictor. Just a few of the obstacles you could face at your next mud run …

These events are not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to prepare for it physically, mentally and emotionally. And today’s Mud Run training article (and the full event prep program we just launched) will help you arrive at event day not only prepared to finish, but to finish strong!

Mud Run Training – 7 Tips

1) Take preparation seriously

Folks do get injured at these events – there’s no doubt about it. But if you prepare correctly, you’re wayyy ahead of the game …

DON’T be the guy who signs up with his buddies, plans on training but really doesn’t (aside from running a couple of miles a day two weeks before the event) – and ends up breaking an ankle or dislocating a shoulder in the first obstacle. If you’re not in decent shape already and prepared to train hard, don’t sign up. It’s just not worth it.

2) Run!

These events can be long 10-12 mile runs with an average finishing time of four hours. So take this part seriously as well, and make sure you’ve worked up to at least an eight mile run or so before the day of the event.

Also, lots of the running can be uphill. Far different from flat running … so make sure you’ve trained for this beforehand, too.

3) Build “functional” strength

Push ups, pull ups, crawls, lifts – all movements that you’ll need to do on event day. So don’t be sitting in an air-conditioned gym doing bench presses and curls to get ready. Design your training program accordingly with body weight moves, plyometrics, lifting odd objects, etc.

4) Dress accordingly

You’ll get wet during the race – very wet. In fact, you’ll be fully submerged at some point … so make sure to wear materials that wick away moisture, like Dri-FIT or COOLMAX. Wearing gloves will also improve your grip, especially when your hands are wet. And make sure your footwear is adequate as well.

5) Train outside

The event is outside … so train outside to prepare! And get yourself ready for the elements – train outside on cold mornings, in the rain, after jumping in cold water, etc.

6) Get your mind right

Get ready for a seriously tough race day. Get your mind right before the event. You’ll be fired up going out, but make sure to have a solid strategy for the full event, each obstacle, etc. in mind.

7) Don’t take yourself too seriously

The event is super tough … but also a great time. There is no dress code, and costumes are encouraged. You’ll get a cold beer and a headband on finishing the event for a job well done. So do your best to get ready – then go out on event day and enjoy!

In summary, mud runs are no joke. The Tough Mudder is one of the most difficult. It’s estimated that fifteen to twenty percent of participants don’t finish the race – and this is likely due to lack of preparation. So take the tips in this article to get yourself physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for what could be the toughest event on the planet!

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