Rapid Fat Loss F.A.Q.

Holy smokes! 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge spots are getting snapped up like crazy … 16 taken in the first 24 hours. Only 9 left before we hit our 25 person limit – grab yours here:

=== >> FVT Back-to-School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge


I also wanted to shoot out a quick email to help answer a few questions folks have had about the challenge so far …

FVT Back-to-School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge F.A.Q.


A: You’re right – this is an incredible deal. And to be completely transparent, our goal is not to make money with this project. It’s:

  • To help as many folks as possible reach their fat loss goals
  • To get current/past clients to get their friends and family involved in one of our programs, and
  • To further establish Forest Vance Training, Inc. as a top personal training studio in Sacramento.
We know that you’ll love our program. And we have full confidence that we’ll get multiple new on-going clients from this project – so that’s why we can offer you such an amazing deal.


Q: Who is the challenge open to?

A: Anyone who wants to sign up! Current and past clients, their friends and family, newsletter subscribers, Facebook followers, etc.


Q: What if I can’t make the kick-off meeting/bonus workouts/completion party/etc.?

A: No worries. Come to what you can – you can still sign up and participate – and get some awesome rapid fat loss results!


Okay – hope that helps with any reservations you’re having about signing up. Again – only nine spots remain as of this writing – so hurry and grab your spot before it’s too late! Click here to get in now: === >> FVT Back-to-School 30 Day RFLC

– Forest

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