The “Kitchen Sink” Workout

When you register for the FVT Back-to-School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, you get a complete workout and meal plan that’ll outline EXACTLY what you need to do to lose as much fat as humanly possible in 30 days.

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We’ll be meeting for six boot camp workouts over the course of the challenge … but to maximize your results, you’ll also need to be doing some working out on your own.

I thought I’d give you an EXAMPLE of the types of things you’ll be doing in your own workouts with a quick workout video from the No Gym? No Excuse! archives (now, to be clear, this is NOT the exact workout we’ll have prepared for you … it’s again simply an example of the types of movements and workout style in the challenge program)

Video Recap

Do 25 reps of each of the following exercises. You may not move on to the next exercise until you’ve completed all 25 reps of the previous one. Complete two rounds of the entire circuit as fast as possible.

  • burpee
  • pull up (or body row)
  • lunge
  • push up
  • sit up
  • squat to overhead press

Give the workout above a go if you dare … and have a great week!


PS – Don’t forget – just a few spots remain in the 30 Day Challenge – click the link below to sign up now:

=== >> Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

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