The Story of Ruby and Beethoven (and upcoming FVT charity boot camp)

Last week, we announced an upcoming FVT Charity Boot Camp event on Saturday, December 15th @ 10am.

Click here to get all the details on the event and reserve your spot now:

= > 2012 FVT Holiday Charity Boot Camp Event

I also mentioned last time that the support and turn out at every event we’ve organized has exceeded our expectations. I’m very thankful for the unique opportunity we have to come together as a community and give back in this way – especially during the holiday season.

Today, I have a quick story for you about the Holiday Pet Basket program. (The Mercer Pet Clinic puts this on every year, and funds you contribute to the boot camp event will go partially towards this program.)

The Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Basket program was started in 1995 by Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital staff members of the “VOICE” staff newsletter. It has grown due to need over the years from only 25 baskets to 130 baskets last year.

As one might imagine, the Holiday Pet Basket distribution program includes wonderful experiences like the story of Beethoven and his loving owner, Ruby. Here’s a picture of them opening their gifts:

Ruby referred to the fluffy, playful lab-mixed breed dog as her “son” who would always follow her closely. Folks at the distribution last year got to see him prancing and dancing due to all of the excitement of awaiting his goodies and treats.

Ruby explained how much Beethoven meant to her, that he was family to her since his enthusiastic companionship provided her with a smile everyday. He also helped to keep her warm in the cold evenings, as well as protected her and guarded her from other dangers.

She went on to tell of Beethoven’s heroic act when he awakened her one night after her sleeve caught fire while she slept too near a fire, saving her from serious injury or worse. She had always been grateful to him for this and other protective acts that he has performed since he was a pup, only a few years ago. He, too, was clearly grateful to her for saving him from drowning when he was thrown into the Sacramento River by someone in a gunny sack.

Help others like Ruby and Beethoven this holiday season. Click the link below to get all the details on the event, donate as much or as little as you like and reserve your spot now:

= > 2012 FVT Holiday Charity Boot Camp Event

Thanks, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, FNC, RKC II
Owner and Head Trainer, Forest Vance Training, Inc.

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