FREE Boot Camp Thursday, January 10th @ 7pm

Warning: The Weight You Gained Over The Holiday Season Could Be Here To Stay

In surveys, people say they gain, on average, about five pounds over the holiday season. For people who are already overweight, it’s even worse – according to a recent study, they tend to gain a lot more.

Studies also show that weight gained during the holidays is never lost … and given that average weight gain during adulthood is one to two pounds per year … this means that much of midlife weight gain can be explained by holiday eating.

It’s time to shed that winter layer. The holidays are behind us, and together, we’re going to CRUSH it this year!

So … if you’re feeling fat and bloated … if you know your diet and exercise program got a little off track over the last month or so … if you’re motivated and fired up and ready to start a new workout program … it’s the PERFECT time to grab a spot in the FREE boot camp we’re putting on @ FVT next week!

This free boot camp is for:

  • New/prospective clients
  • Past/inactive clients
  • Current clients who bring along a friend, family member, etc.

It’s the perfect chance to come check out one of our boot camp classes, get a fun and productive workout, and see if our training program is right for you.

Now, there IS just one catch. Space in this special camp will be strictly limited to 15 folks. The free boot camps at our anniversary party last fall filled within 48 hours … so if you want a spot, act now!!

To reserve your spot now, click here, or simply call us at 916.273.9366.

It’s that simple. Thanks, and hope to see ‘ya there –

Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

Head trainer, Forest Vance Training, Inc.

PS – Folks got some AMAZING results in our programs in 2012. I have a super inspiring success story from one of our campers coming for you in the next couple of days. Stay tuned 😉

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