Extreme Methods for Super Fast Weight Loss (4 tips)

As the end of our Rapid Fat Loss Challenge approaches, you could be looking for some tips and tricks to shed those last few pounds of body fat.

Or, you might have an event you’re getting ready for, where you need to be in peak shape for a short period of time.

Whatever the case may be, if super fast weight loss is what you’re after, these methods DO work. Just use them at your own risk 🙂


Extreme Methods For Super Fast Weight Loss
by Forest Vance, MS, CPT, FNC, RKC II

Several years ago, I trained a client for a weight loss contest put on here in Sacramento at a local radio station. We ended up winning the contest – which was awesome! 🙂

In the final week, there were a few tricks we used to get an edge on the competition. I’m going to share some of the things that helped my client drop those last few crucial pounds in the week before her final weigh-in.

Also, it is very important to note – super fast weight loss is not the healthiest long term solution to your problems. BUT – in the short term – for some kind of special event, etc. – it can actually be done pretty easily.


5 Tips for Super Fast Weight Loss

Workout more

Seriously. Work out for two hours per day for the next seven days, I can almost guarantee you’ll end up dropping a couple of pounds 🙂

Restrict your calorie and carbohydrate intake

Let’s just pick a number and say that you’re currently taking in 2000 calories a day. Drastically cut your calorie intake – say, down to 1000-1200 calories a day – and cut out all your starchy carbs like bread, rice and pasta. You’re allowed only veggies and 1-2 pieces of fruit per day for all of your carbohydrate intake.

Please keep in mind that I’m recommending this as a short term solution; it’s not something you want to do for any length of time. But you’ll experience super fast weight loss with this method, that’s for sure.

Drink lots of water

You actually end up retaining water when you don’t drink enough. You should be drinking at least half of your body weight in calories every day already; up this to at least a gallon or so per day. This will help you drop some extra water – combined with cutting your carbs, it’s a dynamite combo for super fast weight loss.

Hit the sauna

Saunas actually do have some proven medical benefits, contrary to popular belief. Among other things, they can help improve joint mobility and cleanse the system from toxins.

For our purposes, we’re going to use the sauna to drop weight fast. All you’re going to do is spend 15-20 minutes per day to drop some of that excess water weight.

So, there you have a few extreme methods for super fast weight loss. Good luck with your weight loss efforts!

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