Beginner KB Fat Loss Plan

To kick off today’s post, instead of selling you on the idea of using kettlebells for fat loss, I’ll let one of my loyal and best kettlebell training clients do it instead 🙂 Click the ‘play’ button below to listen to Keith M.’s kettlebell testimonial:

Keith M.’s kettlebell testimonial

[audio:|titles=Keith Testimonial]

Keith’s goals are, in a nutshell, to stay healthy for the long term … in his words, “to be fit now to stay fit later”. In the first six months of his kettlebell training program, he lost almost 4% body fat, gained 11 pounds of muscle, drastically dropped his cholesterol, and has fallen in love with kettlebells 🙂

So in the spirit of June 15th’s Kettlebell Workshop at our Sacramento personal training studio, I’ve put together a complete kettlebell fat loss plan for beginners to introduce you to the joys of kettlebell training … enjoy!

– Forest

Background – Why Kettlebells Rock For Fat Loss

Check out the ‘Sacramento Kettlebell Instruction’ page on this site for an intro to the benefits of kettlebell training:

Sacramento Kettlebell Instruction

Beginner Kettlebell Exercises

Two exercises form the foundation of HardStyle (what we teach at the FVT studio) kettlebell training – the swing and the Turkish get up. Click the links below to learn how to do each of these exercises (each article includes instructional video):

The Kettlebell Swing

The Turkish Get Up

Beginner Kettlebell Routine For Fat Loss

Once you’ve mastered the swing and the get up, here’s a full kettlebell workout routine to take your training to the next level:

Beginner Kettlebell Workout

In conclusion, kettlebells are an awesome training tool for fat loss, lean muscle gain, and total body conditioning. This kettlebell fat loss plan for beginners provides an introduction to the kettlebell, a description of the most basic of HardStyle kettlebell moves and a simple (but tough) routine to get you started. Train hard and talk soon!

-Forest Vance, Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

P.S. At this time of this writing, there are just a few spots remaining for our June 15th Kettlebell Workshop! To learn more about it and grab your spot now, click here: June 15th Kettlebell Workshop @ FVT

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